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Are you organising a business meeting or party and you are looking for healthier alternatives to the normal sandwich platters?

Are you looking for something that will keep your meeting alive and productive throughout the afternoon? 

We can provide you with many healthy and tasty menu Plant Based and Gluten-Free in the London Area.

Example Menu:


  • 4 types of super salad bowls
  • Hummus platters with chopped veggies gluten free crackers

Sides and puddings

  • Home Made refined Sugar free and Gluten free Cakes
  • Energy cubes

  • Homemade Kombutcha
  • Fresh Juice and Smoothies 


I can also cater for supper clubs and tasting dinners at your house as private chef.

Drop me a message through the  and we can discuss
about a menu that fits perfectly with your needs and requirements.