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Initially called SaladPride, Pride Kitchen started as a blog by 

David Bez in 2010 with the mission of making salads sexy.

David Bez Is not a chef, I’m just a food lover, an Italian food lover.
 He started eating salads in the office because I wanted something healthy for lunch.  And I wanted something easy to prepare, easy enough to prepare at my desk.

He created one new salad every single day for 4 year as a challenge and posting on them my blog.

We love salads and it hurts when they are treated just as a sad and unsexy side dish. 

Salads can be creative and balanced, healthy and tasty, a fulfilling meal. They can help you lose weight or just stay in shape. 

We try to give salads the importance they deserve, as a complete and delicious course, and we hope my salads can inspire others to try them and enjoy a healthy diet, as I do.

David published his first book Salad Love: How to Create a Lunchtime Salad, Every Weekday, in 20 Minutes or Less in 2013 
and it when viral, translated into more than 30 languages followed by two more books: BreakfastLove and SupperLove.

We now create tasty and supercharging soups, salads and breakfasts, fresh juices, smoothies and cakes, gluten-free, dairy free and refined sugar-free (yes, it’s possible!), but mostly we champion fruits and veggies, local and sustainable artisans and farmers.

We base all our dishes on the love for plants, on the idea the a plant based diet is not just more sustainable for our planet, but incredibly tasty and filling.

We want to make all veggies sexy (not just salads)!