About David Bez / SaladPride

Hello, my name is David Bez. I’m not a chef, I’m just a food lover, an Italian food lover. Born in Milan, I moved to London in 2006 where I've worked as Art Director and Graphic Designer since last summer.  


I started eating salads in the office because I wanted something healthy for my lunch And I wanted something easy to prepare, easy enough to prepare at my desk.

So I started having salads every day for lunch in the office. 
My colleagues seemed to love my salads and kept wanting to tuck in. 
As even the junk food fans and the heavy meat eaters were fascinated by them, I thought they might interest a wider audience,  so I started to take pictures and posting them on a blog.
I’ve been creating a new salad every single day for  4 year as a challenge and posting on them my blog.
 It’s quite easy to get bored doing the same thing over and over again, 
and yet, because I love eating and I’m always curious to try different ingredients and flavours.  I use my imagination to make my lunch break an exciting occasion to explore new possibilities. That’s why I employ a variety of ingredients and I like to experiment by mixing and matching tastes.

I’m not a proper vegetarian, but I like to eat a lot of fruit and veg. I care both about my health and the health of the planet. That’s why I try to use only organic, fair-trade and sustainable ingredients.

I love salads and it hurts me when they are treated just as a sad and unsexy side dish.  Salads can be creative and balanced, healthy and tasty, a fulfilling meal. 
They can help you lose weight or just stay in shape. 
At the same time, they can also help you to maintain a healthy heart and to avoid serious diseases,  as recent studies suggest (such as The China Study).

I try to give salads the importance they deserve, as a complete and delicious course,  and I hope my salads can inspire others to try them and enjoy a healthy diet, as I do.


I published my first book Salad Love: How to Create a Lunchtime Salad, 
Every Weekday, in 20 Minutes or Less in 2013

and it when viral,  translated into more than 26 languages and It's been published already in UK, Ireland, Australia, Holland, Spain, US, Canada, French Canada, 
Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Slovakia, 
Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Brazil, South Korea, China, Brazil, Argentina, 
Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Romania and so on.


I've always been struggling to get a healthy breakfast as well, but I was also telling me that I shouldn't worry about it because I was having a healthy lunch so I always ignored it.  I come from Italy where the traditional breakfast is cappuccino and croissant and as a child I always had just milk and biscuits for breakfast. 
I didn't have the full English breakfast back then, but not even porridge 
(I know it's good for you, but I can't stand it, sorry). So I've read about it a lot and I've come up with a formula that reflects the Saladpride spirit and keeps my belly happy. 
This need of and healthier breakfast created my second book, Breakfast Love that will be out from February 2016 in UK, US, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Poland, Portugal and Denmark.


In my third book "Supper Love" there are 130 supper bowls for any season and every appetite. The options are endless and vary from light, raw and fresh, to hot, filling and wholesome. Every recipe in this stunning book is ultra simple and can be adapted to suit a different diet, such as vegan or vegetarian. The recipes are divided into two sections - soup bowls and filling grain bowls - and include Barley, Red Onion, Sun-Dried Tomato and Paprika Cream; Blue Cheese, Buckwheat and Aubergine in Beetroot Broth; and Tuna, Black Noodles, Avocado and Seaweed.
As well as explaining the formula for the ideal supper bowl, I also provide advice and basic recipes for fermenting, dressings and sauces, broths and types of hummus. You'll find in these pages all the inspiration you need to fall in love with easy, effortlessly nourishing bowl food, for tasty, comforting suppers.

Buon Appetito!